Full body sensual massage - Portland

Statement on the current state of affairs

Safer is Sexy!


Due to what I call, "the current state of affairs", I feel the desire to express my caring for you, as my treasured guest, and have a decidedly un-sexy conversation about what I do to keep myself, and you safer.   I would like to share what you can expect, and what I expect, in terms of safer practices.

I have always had what I understand to be best practices in place, when it comes to sanitizing my space, and all the things in consideration that are required to embrace my practice, including but not limited to a UV sterilizing cabinet for my toys/towels/lotions/oils, and disinfecting wipes/sprays for them and any surfaces or ancillary spaces in my domain.   In addition, I always have added hospital grade sanitizing solution to the laundry when I wash my table linens.   It is very hard on fabric, resulting in me having to replace the linens more frequently, but it's well worth the expense when it comes to caring for you.

What has changed:   I greet you on my porch with an infrared thermometer.   I will not receive any guest running a fever.  I am limiting the number of guests I receive as well, and I am temporarily not offering Nuru because of the sustained much closer contact it requires than the other sort of visits I offer.

If you have a cough, are feeling under the weather in any way, I would welcome your cancellation with no penalty as a result, and encourage you to do so.   

Not sexy to talk about...I know!   You know what's sexy?   When I feel comfortable and at ease, and when YOU feel more comfortable and at ease when you visit.   Safer is sexy!   Nothing is 100% secure, but know that your safety and mine is paramount in my preparartions when receiving you and serving you.   

If you have any questions around this, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at mshelenahunter1@protonmail.com.

In health and bliss!