Full body sensual massage - Portland

Erotic Relaxation

Come for the slow tease..stay for the mind blowing tension relief.

Mine is a slow and sensual approach, designed to treat your whole body as an erogenous zone.   I integrate my knowledge and unsurpassed skill to create a blissfully satisfying experience for you, the pleasure connoiseur.   Savor and enjoy a luxurious escape where all of the little details are seen to with care, and your comfort and pleasure come first. 

Erotic Relaxation:

1 Hour $180
90 Minutes $240

Erotic Relaxation PLUS:

(Featuring "L'experience Parisienne")

1 Hour $240
90 Minutes $300

Upgrade menu and more customized experiences may be available for returning guests.

Would you enjoy some social time with your visit?  Let's enjoy some sexy flirtation, a beverage and some snacks as a prelude to, or a way to wrap up your delicious visit.   Mention you would like some social time when you reach out!  I offer social time in increments of 30 minutes, for 60/USD per 30 minutes.

Service Disclaimer: Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state licensure (OMB) I do NOT provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.